Twitter Suspends Tesla Critic's Account, Before Reinstating It, After User Posts About Tesla-Related Deaths

Update 3/28/2019 7:59am EST: It appears all of the account's original followers have been reinstated.

Update 3/28/2019 7:41am EST: According to Twitter users, the account appears to be reinstated now, but without its original 6,000+ followers. Twitter users are urging people to follow him again.

At our check, he/she was up to 61 followers, about 1% of their previous total.


The controversy over silencing short sellers and skeptics of Tesla has now spilled over to Twitter, as one of the company's most vocal critics, Twitter user @ElonBachman, has been suspended, possibly for sharing statistics on Autopilot and Tesla related deaths.

In response to a recent tweet by Elon Musk about Tesla's Autopilot feature, @ElonBachman replied with a link to a public Google spreadsheet that appears to have a running tally of deaths associated with Tesla vehicles.

A link to that spreadsheet is here and a copy of the table included within it looks like this:

Shortly thereafter, @ElonBachman's account was listed as suspended for violation of Twitter's rules.

The outrage among the user's followers, combined with the Tesla short selling/critic community, was immediate:

This suspension comes about nine months after Tesla's attack on, and the doxxing of, one of the company's most well known short-sellers and skeptics, Montana Skeptic. The company's pushback on Montana Skeptic, inclusive of Elon Musk even going so far as to reportedly call his boss, instantly catapulted the Skeptic to legendary status among the Tesla short seller community.

Perhaps this Twitter suspension will also have the opposite of its desired effect and divert attention to the Tesla related deaths that were brought to light in the above linked spreadsheet.

Twitter, it's your move.