$436 Million Superyacht Released After Being Impounded During "World's Costliest Divorce"

A super yacht worth $436 million that was at the center of one of the world's costliest divorce battles has finally been released by a Dubai court after being impounded from its Russian billionaire owner last year, according to Reuters.

In 2016, Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov had been ordered to pay about 40% of his massive net worth to his former wife by a high court in London, in what was one of the largest divorce settlements in history. We reported on that, as it happened, here.

When he stiffed the court's nearly $600 million divorce bill, the London high court granted an asset freeze, causing his superyacht to be impounded where it was docked in Dubai.

The yacht has at least nine decks, space for 50 crew members, two helipads, a pool and even its own mini submarine. On Wednesday, a Dubai Court of Appeals ruled that the lower court's order to impound the yacht was incorrect, which allowed the yacht to leave its port. The yacht was being guarded by a private security team when reporters visited it this week.

The yacht, purchased by Farkhad from fellow oligarch Roman Abramovich, was bought in 2014 and also has a missile detection system, an anti-drone system, bulletproof windows and bombproof doors (almost as if Russian oligarchs fear for their lives).

Meanwhile, Farkhad's ex-wife had claimed that the money from the divorce was a "necessity" and that she had been living off of a "lump sum provided to her" by a litigation finance firm that will take a cut of any award she receives as a result of the divorce.