Celebrity Jeweler Who Gifted Elon Musk $40,000 Ring Winds Up 'Locked Inside His F*cking Tesla'

People become Tesla skeptics in many different ways. Some are investors that take a hard look at the company's financials. Others witness Tesla accidents or wind up getting a glimpse into the company by working there. 

And some - like celebrity jeweler Ben Baller - wind up locked in their Tesla vehicles, trapped, with no way to get out.  

"I wish this was a fucking joke," Baller says in his recent Instagram story video, mirrored on one Twitter user's account.

"I'm locked inside my fucking Tesla. I know I've been the Tesla fan, I've said so many good things about Tesla. But I've been locked in the car now for 37 minutes fucking waiting for roadside assistance. "

He continued: "The electronic door - the door is handled by the push button or the key or opening the door handle - and nothing's fucking working."

Baller had made headlines back in December 2018 when he gifted Elon Musk a custom $40,000 Tesla ring. Three months later, the man who wrote to Musk on Instagram, calling him "an inspiration" and thanking Musk for "what [he's] done for Americans", found himself locked inside his Tesla with no way out. 

"This ring was designed and created here in America, just like your cars. We salute you for giving 50,000 jobs to Americans and putting USA back on the map as a serious contender in the auto industry,” Baller said in December, likely unaware that several rounds of crushing job cuts and layoffs were forthcoming at Tesla. 

According to NextShark, Baller used a trillion cut diamond to emphasize the “T” logo on the front of the ring, which he surrounded by round brilliant white diamonds and rubies which were pavé set by hand. On the back of the ring, custom cut diamond baguettes spell out “Tesla.”

“Please accept this 1 of 1 custom Diamond and Ruby #Tesla ring for being an inspiration to me and my best friend Paul,” the jeweler-to-the-stars wrote back in December. 

We guess the next time we'll hear about this ring will be when it's on an episode of Pawn Stars, or is a featured item at a Department of Justice auction. Meanwhile, if no one hears from Ben Baller over the next day or so, can someone go check on his Tesla?