Flights Grounded Across US As Airlines Report Mass System Outages

Update (8:25 am): The FAA said the system outages have ended.


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Update (7:41 am): We're seeing reports that some of the outages have been resolved. Meanwhile, reporters have confirmed that almost every US airline was impacted.

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Flights at airports across the US have been cancelled Monday morning as Delta, Southwest, American, United and Alaska Air all reported widespread system outages, per reports on social media.

The glitch is believed to involve Aerodata, a system that monitors weight and balance issues for planes. Planes that had been taxiing ahead of takeoff have reportedly been forced to return to their gates. Due to the outage, flights aren't receiving clearance to take off. Southwest, United and Delta have confirmed the outages and are posting apologies and explanations to frustrated customers on social media, including this response by Delta.

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This is a developing story...