Naked Climate Change Protesters Gatecrash Commons Brexit Debate

Just when we thought the ongoing Brexit drama couldn't get any more undignified, a troupe of naked protesters have materialized in the Commons gallery to demand MPs act at once to fight climate change.

Perhaps they haven't read the paper lately, but the Commons has been somewhat preoccupied as of late. And no, this doesn't appear to be some kind of April Fools prank.

Police are reportedly removing the protesters one by one, while those who remain are pressing their bare buttcheeks against the chamber's soundproof glass, with slogans apparently written in marker or body paint spread across their backs.

Speaker Bercow ordered that debate ahead of Monday's second indicative vote proceed normally, as guests in the public gallery were treated to an, um, full-frontal view.

One Brexit reporter who missed the spectacle pointed out a bitter irony.

The Guardian's Jessica Elgot chronicled the incident on her twitter feed as police carried the protesters out of the chamber.

Talk about a cheeky performance.