"The Reset Doesn't Work": Sheryl Crow's Tesla Gets "Stuck In A Parking Lot"

Just days after we posted about celebrity jeweler Ben Baller being stuck inside of his Tesla with no way out, another "activist" planet-saving celebrity is also publicly bitching about their Tesla on social media. Musician Sheryl Crow took to Twitter today to inform the world that her Tesla was "stuck in a parking lot" and that its screen had "gone black". She said the "reset" feature wasn't working and speculated as to whether or not she could return her vehicle and get her money back. 

In other words...

And why wouldn't you post about it online? Celebrities seem to be getting "priority" customer service from Tesla while others are sitting around waiting weeks, if not months, for what should be normal collision repairs and/or service. For instance, Insider notes that "all of Hollywood noticed" when actress Mary McCormack tweeted that her husband's Tesla had abruptly burst into flames last year.

Speaking of getting stuck, we have a feeling she's not the only one: jeweler to the stars Ben Baller went on social media days ago with a similar complaint, posting a video showing that he was stuck inside of his vehicle. 

"I wish this was a fucking joke," Baller says. "I'm locked inside my fucking TeslaI know I've been the Tesla fan, I've said so many good things about Tesla. But I've been locked in the car now for 37 minutes fucking waiting for roadside assistance. "

"The electronic door - the door is handled by the push button or the key or opening the door handle - and nothing's fucking working."

We're guessing Tesla is going to take notice of Crow's issue.

Should Crow try and follow through on returning the vehicle, we'd love to know what the refund time for her would be, compared to the median refund time per average Tesla return. Let's see if Elon steps in to handle this damsel in distress personally.