More Voters Think Hillary Clinton "Illegally Colluded With Foreign Operatives" Than Trump: Poll

Now that the Mueller report is out, a new nationwide poll of voters reveals that more people believe Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign "illegally colluded with foreign operatives" than Trump's, according Rasmussen

47% of Likely U.S. Voters think Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is more likely than President Trump’s to have illegally colluded with foreign operatives. Nearly as many (45%) still suspect the Trump campaign more. -Rasmussen

The respondents are predictably biased by party affiliation - with 71% of Democrats thinking Trump more likely colluded and 73% of GOP voters thinking Clinton colluded. 

Let's review the Clinton campaign's ties to Russia (and imagine if this were Trump's team):

  • Individuals connected to the Uranium One deal, in which Russia purchased the rights to mine 20% of American uranium, reportedly donated $145 million to the Clinton foundation before the deal was approved while Clinton was Secretary of State. 
  • Bill Clinton picked up a cool $500,000 for one Moscow speech. During the same trip he hung out with Russian President Vladimir Putin at his house
  • Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff, John Podesta (who would have likely become her Secretary of State), sat on the board of Massachusetts energy company Joule Unlimited, along with senior Russian official Anatoly Chubais and Russian oligarch Ruben Vardanyan – who was appointed by Vladimir Putin to the Russian economic council. Two months after Podesta joined the board, Joule managed to raise $35 million from Putin’s Kremlin-backed investment fund Rusnano.

(We're not even to the dossier yet)

  • Not only did John Podesta fail to properly disclose this relationship before joining the Clinton Campaign, he transferred 75,000 shares of Joule to his daughter through a shell company using her address. Despite the Russian assistance, the Daily Caller reports that Joule Unlimited folded shortly after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.
  • John Podesta's brother, Tony, received $180,000 to lobby for Uranium One during the same period that the Clinton Foundation was receiving millions from U1 interests, and after Russia took majority ownership in the "20 percent" deal (source – you have to add up the years).  Tony Podesta visited the White House at least 114 times during the Obama years according to White House visitor logs, and was said to have had 'special access' to the administration through his brother while lobbying for various pro-Kremlin interests.

Last but not least, the infamous "Steele Dossier" that Clinton's campaign paid for relied on Kremlin officials. Steele, a UK national and former MI6 spy, assembled the anti-Trump "dossier" for opposition research investigative firm Fusion GPS, which the Clinton campaign hired. The document used "a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure," and "a former top level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin," according to Vanity FairIn other words, Hillary Clinton - through Steele and other intermediaries - was working with Russians against Donald Trump