Obama Decries Fractured Democratic Party's "Circular Firing Squad" 

Former President Barack Obama encouraged Democrats to put aside their differences and embrace each other, noting that 'ideologically rigid' progressives and their more radical colleagues on the left have created a "circular firing squad," where "you start shooting at your allies because one of them has strayed from purity on the issues.

Speaking at a Saturday town hall event for the Obama Foundation in Berlin, the former president spoke of compromise and acceptance on order to strengthen the party. 

"One of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States —maybe it’s true here as well — is a certain kind of rigidity where we say, ‘Uh, I’m sorry, this is how it’s going to be,’ and then we start sometimes creating what’s called a ‘circular firing squad,’ where you start shooting at your allies because one of them has strayed from purity on the issues," adding "And when that happens, typically the overall effort and movement weakens."

"So I think whether you are speaking as a citizen or as a political leader or as an organizer … you have to recognize that the way we structure democracy requires you to take into account people who don’t agree with you, and that by definition means you’re not going to get 100 percent of what you want," Obama added. 

In short - Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to realize that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is indeed the boss, the Green New Deal will somehow work, Socialism is the future, and stop infighting whenever Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) disses the Jews.

Meanwhile, Obama has been glaringly silent while his former Vice President Joe Biden defends himself against accusations that he made unwanted advances on at least seven women - while a flood of pictures and videos of him perving on people of all ages has added fuel to the fire. 

Is Obama's ideological purity and "certain kind of rigidity" causing him to hold his tongue?  Or does Obama's call to avoid a "circular firing squad" extend to his former VP - whose defenders insist he's just a clunky old man using "tactile politics" in a #MeToo world (and totally not molesting women and children in plain sight).