Elon Musk Cancels Meeting with Ben Baller Days After Jeweler Winds Up Trapped in His Model X

It was just days ago that we pointed out when celebrity "jeweler to the stars" Ben Baller, who had months prior gifted Elon Musk a $40,000 diamond encrusted Tesla ring, found himself involuntarily trapped inside of his Tesla Model X. Now, Baller is back on Instagram, proclaiming that his Tesla Model X is "not the car for [him] or [his] family" and also sharing that Tesla cancelled a scheduled meeting that the celebrity had with CEO Elon Musk. 

A couple weeks ago, Baller took to social media to share his experience of being locked in his Tesla, exclaiming in a video:

"I wish this was a fucking joke. I'm locked inside my fucking TeslaI know I've been the Tesla fan, I've said so many good things about Tesla. But I've been locked in the car now for 37 minutes fucking waiting for roadside assistance. The electronic door - the door is handled by the push button or the key or opening the door handle - and nothing's fucking working."

Prior to the incident, and ostensibly as a result of his "gift" and praise for Musk, Baller had already set up a meeting with Elon Musk for this upcoming Tuesday in the Bay Area at the company‘s headquarters.

But Baller recently took to Instagram to tell his followers that, subsequent to posting his complaint, his meeting with Elon Musk had been canceled by the company and that Musk's assistant recommended that he contact her with future complaints, instead of posting them online.

Loosely paraphrased, "we cancelled your meeting because you publicly complained about our product online."

In an Instagram post dated April 4, 2019, Baller writes that he will now be auctioning off the ring he made for Musk and donating all of the proceeds to charity. He also said that he turned his Tesla in after the incident and that it is "not the car" for him or his family.

To those who been asking about an update on #Tesla. I have to say, They reached back out to me somewhat quickly as it was a weekend and by Monday they did their due diligence and allowed me to terminate my lease early without any penalties or fees out of my pocket. Thank you for that. 

FYI: Most leases for a Model X #P100D are $2000-$2400 a month and my lease was $1,078 a month. So it was in my best interest to keep the car as long as possible because a lease that low for a $165,000 car isn’t common.

But yeah. F that I’m good. Sorry for the rant. But I got thousands of DM’s even emails about an update of my situation. I’m going to auction off the ring and donate all proceeds to charity. And again. I’m not saying I’m against Elon or Tesla. I’m only saying it’s not the car for me or my family.

Baller wrote on his new Instagram post that due to being stuck in his Model X for 47 minutes and having to exit through the trunk, he was going to be switching vehicle brands. We're not luxury car elitists, but that's as good a reason as any to switch, we're guessing. 

Baller also talked about being frightened because his child, London, has severe asthma that has landed him in the emergency room over 26 times in the last 6 years. Fearing a deadly situation involving his child where he may get stuck in the car, Baller said he would "never allow my kids to ever get into a Tesla again".

Tesla has been striking out with celebrities lately. Just days earlier, Sheryl Crow also found herself stuck inside of her Tesla in a parking lot, unable to get assistance. Her issue was handled directly by Elon Musk on Twitter, as we predicted it would be, and Baller's issue was escalated directly to Elon Musk's assistant, it appears.

But for the thousands of laypeople experiencing issues with their Teslas nationwide, who is helping them? And more importantly, how long can Tesla go if it loses the backing of the California and Hollywood liberal elite that have helped spearhead its cause and lend gravitas to Musk's company to begin with?