Bangalore Employees Kidnap And Torture Boss Until He Pays Their Salaries; Boss Attempts Suicide

Four employees of a now-defunct tech company near the Halasuru neighborhood of Bangalore, India, have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping their boss and torturing him until he paid three months of salary they were owed, according to The Hindu

The victim, Sujay S.K., 23, owner of the start-up and resident of Cambridge Layout, was taken by his seven employees to a farm house in Maddur where he was locked up and tortured before he was released on the assurance that he would arrange the money. -The Hindu.

After he returned home, Sujay reportedly attempted suicide and was rushed to a hospital, where police met him to take a statement. 

A total of seven employees reportedly participated in the incident, while four of them - Sanjay, Rakesh, Niranjan, and Darshan - were found and arrested on charges of abduction, assault and criminal intimidation. 

Sujay launched the firm in January and closed its doors just three months later in March due to financial loss. He reportedly promised the employees that their salaries would be paid, yet clearly failed to do so. 

The four men were remanded into judicial custody while police search for the other three men.