"The UK Has Gone Mad" - Brits' Disenchantment With Politics Is Soaring

The rest of the world is watching in disbelief...

In the New York Times Thomas L. Friedman wrote “If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t come to London right now because there is political farce everywhere. In truth though it’s not very funny, it’s actually tragic… What we’re seeing is a country that’s determined to commit economic suicide but can’t even agree on how to kill itself.”

 He went on to say we were led by “a ship of fools” unwilling to “compromise with one another and with reality... an epic failure of political leadership,” scary stuff “but you can’t fix stupid.”

In the Washington Post Fareed Zakaria wrote  “Brexit will mark the end of Britain’s role as a great power. Britain famous for its prudence, propriety and punctuality is suddenly looking like a banana republic.”

He goes on to warn that the consequences of a no-deal Brexit could mean the beginning of the end of “the West as a political and strategic entity.”

Underlining the damage that the Brexit process is doing to faith in politics in the UK, Statista's Martin Armstrong notes that the Hansard Society's annual Audit of Political Engagement has revealed a rate of disenchantment with the system unprecedented in recent years, surpassing even the fallout from the MP expenses scandal.

Infographic: Growing disenchantment with the UK political system | Statista

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When asked their opinion on the present system of governing Britain, 37 percent of respondents said they think it needs 'a great deal of improvement' - up from 29 percent last year and a whole 19 points higher than the first survey published in 2004.