Man Lights Himself On Fire Outside The White House

While most people see Friday as a day of celebration, with the weekend about to being, others are using it to light themselves on fire in front of the White House

That's what happened on Friday afternoon at the White House, where according to press reports, someone reportedly set himself on fire outside the White House gates resulting in an immediate White House lockdown.

Even though the media has been told to go back inside, Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs reports that about 30 Secret Service agents crossed from the White House to the driveway in front of West Wing for a briefing on the incident outside the gates.

She notes that helicopters are circling overhead as a light drizzle is falling, while the sound of emergency sirens fills the air as an ambulance arrives.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service twitter account said that "personnel are responding to a police/medical incident on Pennsylvania Ave. along the @WhiteHouse North Fence Line."

White House press pool reporters are being shooed back inside the West Wing, though some are being escorted out southern exit

According to Bloomberg's Shannon Pettypiece, the person on the ground, has been loaded onto a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. So far neither the identity nor the motivation of the man has been revealed.