"I Finally Agree With Cher" Trump Exposes Liberal Elites' Virtue-Signaling Hypocrisy

By threatening to send migrants to sanctuary cities, President Trump has forced liberals to confront their hypocritical NIMBYism as they scramble to come up with excuses to justify why the migrants whom they've defended as victims of a 'White Nationalist' agenda are actually 'too dangerous' to live among the urban elite.

We've seen it already with Cory Booker's admission that releasing migrants to sanctuary cities would "make us less safe." Then on Sunday, legendary pop diva Cher tweeted that moving migrants to California's sanctuary cities would be all well and good if it weren't for the "50,000 American citizens who LIVE ON THE STREETS."

We wonder if Cher realized when she sent this tweet that she was echoing a popular 'white nationalist' talking point. Somehow, we doubt it.

At any rate, President Trump was clearly amused, and on Monday he tweeted a screenshot of the tweet with the caption: "I finally agree with @Cher!"

Though the original tweet hasn't been deleted, we wouldn't be surprised to see it taken down. It's truly unfortunate that Cher can't turn back time. 

Trump followed this up with another tweet affirming that some migrants will be moved to sanctuary cities pending review by the Department of Homeland Security.

Having to substantiate one's virtue signaling with action is every liberal's worst nightmare. President Trump has found an extremely clever way to stress-test this theory.

We look forward to hearing more liberals explain why we should take in more migrants...so long as they aren't brought to live in their neighborhoods.


And we're still waiting to hear from the mayor of Oakland.

We wonder how Cher will react when she's confronted by the DSA twitter mob and forced to explain her 'problematic' discography.


One more thing...#BoycottCher