"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." -Mao Tse Tung


"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."
-Mao Tse Tung

"...the liberties of the American people were dependent upon the ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box; that without these no class of people could live and flourish in this country..."
-Frederick Douglass


Hopefully, you have already read my ZeroHedge article and started your Pre-Reading for War in America.  The precision skills of a marksman with a rifle, a sniper, are featured in four of the books on the list.

  • Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943, Antony Beevor 
  • Patriots, James Wesley Rawles
  • Secret History of the IRA: Gerry Adams And The Thirty Year War, Ed Moloney
  • On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman 

And speaking of Stalingrad and marksmanship, this is a great scene in a good movie...


Learning these very same skills is also featured next month, in Waco, at the second of four options of The Third Annual ZH Live Fight Club and Long Gun Training in Las Vegas, Waco, Houston, and Romney!

If you have already mastered your tactical rifle, and then you went a little nuts and blew a bunch of money on a precision rifle, ammunition, and optic, then you probably need to spend just a little bit more money on the person squeezing the trigger.  The best instructor and place I know to do exactly this is TJ Pilling and TIGER Valley.  We're pretty much guaranteed to have wind, and yes, there will be math.  So, if some of you geeky Wall Street quants are looking for a badass mother fucking hobby, then come on out and learn what dope is really all about.  

TIGER Valley, Waco, TX
Friday, May 17, 2019        
3 Day Precision Rifle    

The Level I Precision Rifle Course is designed to enable the precision shooter with a basic understanding of factors involved in precision shooting. What students will gain from this class are sound fundamentals. Targets engaged will be from 50-800 yards. Whether you are an experienced or new shooter, the Level I Precision Rifle course is designed to enable you to perfect your ability to hit long range targets.



It is possible to spend many thousands of dollars on a precision rifle, and many thousands more on a scope.  However, it is not necessary for you to do so in order to come out to Waco and learn how to shoot very accurately.  There are certainly countless options, countless internet experts, and countless opinions on exactly what precision rifle and caliber is best.  However, what I am providing to you in this article, below, is hedgeless_horseman's E-Z Internet Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting For Newbies With Extra Emphasis on the E-Z Part.

On the TIGER Valley web site you will find a very basic list of the required and optional equipment for this course, each of which is found listed below in bold font, along with my specific E-Z recommendation and its cost.

This is not the best gear, nor the cheapest, but it is very good, easy to use, readily available, relatively affordable, high quality, tried and true, made in the USA, uses very common ammunition and magazines, and is highly adjustable by the owner for larger men, smaller women, and lucky children. Although this rifle is of a tactical nature, meaning to kill humans, it is also very effective for hunting deer, elk, antelope, and coyote.  If you are interested in learning to hunt, I suggest you begin by reading this:  hedgeless_horseman's EZ Internet Guide to hunting, killing, and eating a free-range-organic-gluten-free squirrel

Precision Scoped Rifle (1.0 MOA)

Savage 110 Tactical 308 Win Bolt-Action Rifle with 20-Inch Threaded Barrel and AccuFit Stock - $577 Includes free shipping

Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20x50 Riflescope with Mil Dot Reticle - $859 Includes free shipping

LaRue Tactical Ultra-Low Mount Rings QD, LT719-VFZ - $160.00

Additional PMAG 10 7.62 AC 10-round magazines - $37.95 each, times quantity of 5 is $189.75

300 Rounds Match Grade Ammo

500rds – 7.62x51mm Federal Premium Gold Medal 175gr. HPBT Sierra MatchKing Ammo -  $549.95
Each cartridge in this case of 500 is carefully manufactured to produce optimal accuracy and consistent ballistics comparable to those of mil-spec M118LR loads. 

Rifle Sling
USA made 2 point carry strap, 1-1/4 inch wide, universal hunting rifle sling with quick detach swivels - $18.00

Shooting Platforms (Bi-Pods or Packs)    
Harris Model 6"/9"Adjustable Spring Bipod with Swivel Mount - $18.99

Cleaning Supplies / Copper and Powder Solvent
Watch this excellent video...

Precision Rifle Barrel Break-in & Cleaning: Why, how, and do you really have to?


Pro Shot .22 Centerfire to .30 Caliber Adjustable Bore Guide

The Professional's Choice Pistol/Rifle Cotton Twill 1 3/4-Inch Round Gun Cleaning Patches (1000-Pack).270-Calibre/7mm

Dewey Rods 30C-44 Nylon Coated Rod

Dewey Rods Rifle Brush .30 Caliber

Dewey Rods 30Jm Brass Jag Ml Thrd

Dewey Rods Bolt Action Lug Recess Cleaning Kit

500 Count 6" Long Cotton Swabs with Wood Handles for Gun Cleaning

Sweets 7.62 Solvent

Shooter's Choice Mc#7 Bore Cleaner & Conditioner Plastic Bottle, 2oz

Note Taking Material - I like the Rite In The Rain Notepads - $4.95

Eye and Ear Protection - Electronic ear protection is a must - $52.99.

All-weather Clothing - Chances are good it will rain hard.  Ponchos suck.  Get a good set of Gore-Tex pants and jacket in muted colors.  Surplus GI Gen 3 Level 6 Wet Weather Waterproof Multicam OCP is a great option!  

Binoculars / Spotting Scope - Not at all necessary for this Level 1 class

Sniper/Weapons Data Book - Buy the one at TIGER Valley    

Elbow and Knee Pads - Much better than a shooting mat, because they get up and go with you when you crawl, roll, walk, or run.

Water/Snacks -  A hydration bladder in a Camelbak pack with some salty nuts and fresh fruit is a great option


I would add four more things to TJ's list:

If you need readers, get bifocal safety glasses, one pair tinted and one pair clear.

A towel is, "the most useful thing in the universe," and good for wiping off sweat.

SPF 100 Sunscreen, in case the sun doesn't go down for several days.

ballcap to keep the sun out of your eyes, with a Velcro loop field on front to attach your SWAG morale patch.

When you register and pay for this course, feel free to add the "Primitive Camping" option.  mrs_horseman and I have spent many nights sleeping out under the big and bright Texas stars at TIGER Valley, enjoying the excellent local BBQ, talking with classmates, showering together, and listening to the coyotes yip and howl.  In keeping with the tradition of ZH Live Fight Clubs, there will of course be plenty of excellent Yuu Baal Mezcal and cigars.

There are many fine benefits of camping out.  You might try it this weekend.  The month of May is certainly a fine time to camp in much of the Northern Hemisphere.  It is so easy even a caveman could do it.


Of course, instead of flying into Waco, and renting a car, this is an excellent opportunity to practice loading and using your Get Out Of Dodge gear, or G.O.O.D. gear, by also making this a road trip and your very own Bug Out Drill.

Like I mentioned in my ZH article, Read this if you believe that you will never need a semi-automatic rifle, just sign up with TIGER Valley, grab your gear, and show up on Friday.  I will be the tall-white guy wearing this hat and badass patch, one of which you will also receive just for showing up and growing your political power.

Peace, prosperity, power, liberty, and love,