Police Departments Have Started Treating '420 Day' Like A Joke

As more states vote to legalize marijuana, either for recreation purposes, medicinal or both, 4/20, once a counter-culture holiday only observed by stoners and deadheads, has become big businesses. It has been embraced by brands, from Lyft, to Totino's to Ben & Jerry's, as the AP reports. And although they still step up their enforcement of driving while high around the holiday, police departments, too, have become much more willing to treat the subject with frivolity.

Just look at the tweets from various police departments, which range from stern to unintentionally hilarious.

For example, police in Omaha warned drivers not to pull over on the side of the highway just to get a picture with the mile market 420.

Others resorted to memes.

While some departments came up with genuinely funny original gags.

Here's another good one from last year.

Some departments were all business.

If nothing else, the fact that police can now treat marijuana use on 4/20 like a harmless nuisances instead of a serious public health hazard shows that the push for legalization is really starting to change peoples' perception.