MSNBC Calls Out "Green" Mayor de Blasio For Daily SUV Trips To The Gym

"Do as I say, not as I do" seems to be the mantra at city hall these days.

Like many liberals, Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to propose solutions that sound great on paper, but when it comes to making actual, personal sacrifices to stand by them - well, that's where he draws the line.

De Blasio, who the NY Post reported in 2017 is driven over 10 miles to the gym daily in an SUV, was recently again grilled about his travel habits and how they stand at odds with his carbon neutral propositions for the city. And you know it was bad because the none other than liberal hub MSNBC honed in on de Blasio's hypocrisy. 

MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Lemire asked de Blasio: "What sort of environmentally responsible example are you setting there, taking this drive in a car as opposed to going to someplace nearby?”

De Blasio responded: "Let’s make clear, this is just a part of my life. I come from that neighborhood in Brooklyn. That’s my home. I go there on a regular basis to stay connected to where I come from and not be in a bubble that I think for a lot of politicians is a huge problem."

“I want to be someone who sees the world through the prism of the neighborhood I come from in Brooklyn and remembers where I came from and all the people who have been part of the life here. I don’t want to be someone who is seeing the world through the prism of Gracie Mansion. So, you know, I just feel very comfortable. This is what I’m going to do,” the mayor said back in 2017.

"I think this has been really painted in an unfair light," he also said in 2017. 

De Blasio led an effort to sue major oil producers in 2018 for global warming even as the city's auto fleet has expanded from 25,855 in 2013 to 31,159 in 2019.