Trump And Twitter's Jack Dorsey Hold Unannounced Meeting In Oval Office

Update: According to the Washington Post, a significant part of Tuesday's meeting between Trump and Dorsey was spent with the President complaining that he had lost Twitter followers, according to a person with direct knowledge of the conversation. 

Twitter long has explained that follower figures fluctuate as the company takes action to remove fraudulent spam accounts. In the meeting, Dorsey stressed that point, noting even he had lost followers as part of Twitter’s work to enforce its policies, according to the source, who described the meeting as cordial. -WaPo

Dorsey thanked Trump for his time in a response to an earlier tweet. 


President Trump met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other company executives on Tuesday in a closed-door meeting first reported by VICE. Word of the meeting was circulated in an internal email at Twitter obtained by the news outlet. 

Trump tweeted a picture of the meeting on Tuesday afternoon, noting that there were "Lots of subjects discussed regarding their platform, and the world of social media in general," and that Trump looks forward to "keeping an open dialogue!"

Earlier in the day, Trump complained that his Twitter follower count would be "much higher" if the social media giant "wasn't playing their political games." 

"No wonder Congress wants to get involved - and they should," he added. 

According to the internal email, the meeting was going to be about "the health of the public conversation on Twitter," according to Vijaya Gadde - Twitter's global lead for legal, policy, and trust and safety. 

"As you know, I believe that conversation, not silence, bridges gaps and drives towards solutions," wrote Dorsey in the email thread. "I have met with every world leader who has extended an invitation to me, and I believe the discussions have been productive, and the outcomes meaningful."

Some Twitter employees will likely take issue with their CEO meeting President Trump. Dorsey addresses this directly in the email, adding, “Some of you will be very supportive of our meeting [with] the president, and some of you might feel we shouldn’t take this meeting at all. In the end, I believe it’s important to meet heads of state in order to listen, share our principles and our ideas.” -VICE

We wonder if they discussed the rampant censorship of conservatives - and noticed that Trump's 2020 campaign manager and noted expert in the field Brad Parscale wasn't pictured in the meeting.