Tesla "Spontaneous Combustion" Said To Be Result Of Battery Short Circuit

A short circuit in a Tesla's battery may have been to blame for a recent violent explosion in a Chinese parking garage that took place days ago, according to Chinese press reports.

The preliminary result of an investigation carried out Wednesday morning into the explosion has concluded that the fire was caused by a short circuit in the battery, according to state owned website The Paper, and cited by Bloomberg. The Paper sites Tao Wei, an expert with the state quality inspection administration, as their source. Tesla disputes the findings. 

A self proclaimed Tesla owner in Shanghai that Tweets under the name @ShanghaiJayIn posted the video on his Twitter late Sunday night/early Monday morning of what appeared to be a Tesla Model S, 1st generation, catching fire spontaneously in a Chinese parking garage.

The user has since deleted the video of the fire, though they are mirrored elsewhere. 

The video shows what appears to be security footage of a white Tesla that starts with smoke pouring out of the bottom of it. As people can be heard in the background talking in Mandarin, the car simply appears to spontaneously combust.