Biden Smokes Sanders In New Polls

Former Vice President Joe Biden is mopping up at the polls since launching his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination - enjoying a double-digit lead over the rest of the field, according to The Hill, which cites two new national surveys. 

A CNN-SRSS poll released early Tuesday reveals that Biden leads Vermont independent Bernie Sanders by 24 points, with 39% of the Democratic electorate vs. 15%. The poll reveals an 11-point surge for Biden over last month, when 28% of Democrats said they would vote for him in the primary. 

That said, only 36% of Democrats said they were dead-set on their choice for president, though of those who say they've made up their mind, 50% are voting for Biden. 

Biden's lead extends across most every major demographic or political group, though it shrinks some among younger voters (31% Biden to 19% Sanders among those under age 45), liberals (32% Biden to 19% Sanders) and whites (29% Biden to 15% Sanders among white voters).

Still, only about a third of potential Democratic voters with a preference in the race (36%) say they will definitely back the candidate they currently support, 64% say they could still change their minds. Those who say they are locked in are more apt to back Biden: 50% in that group support him, 21% Sanders, 8% Warren. -CNN

A Morning Consult survey, meanwhile, places Biden at 36% vs. 22% for Sanders, a less impressive gain, yet still placing the former VP firmly ahead of the Vermont Senator. 

According to online prediction website PredictIt, however, the gap between Biden and Sanders is much narrower. 

Screenshot: PredictIt 4/30/2019