San Francisco Bans Anti-Car-Burglar Warning Signs Because... Racist

Just when you thought things on the West Coast could not get any more insane, we are reminded there is no limit to what a triggered imagination can come up with to support the disassociated state so many Bay Area liberals seem capable of.

By way of background, cars parked at the Golden Gate Bridge have been frequent targets of burglary, prompting local authorities to post signs thoughtfully warning visitors to not leave cash or valuables in their vehicles.

Following what we considered somewhat of a standard - white backgrounds with black stick-figures pretty much the worldwide default for any simple efficient warning sign?

Does that make it ok? Oh no, not at all, not in San Francisco - because, according to the SFExaminer, the signs, which went up in February, were alleged by some bridge visitors to depict a “person of color” in “robber’s clothes,” said spokesperson Priya Clemens.

And so, just as you might expect, responding to concerns that the stick figure may have been offensive, the district swapped out the signs for ones featuring an orange-colored stick figure instead.

“The signs are meant to alert, not offend,” Clemens said. “We want to keep the focus on the main message of safety.”

Taxpayer money well spent, America!!!

P.S. Look how racist Russia is!!