'Barr Did Nothing Wrong': WSJ Exposes Dems' Hypocrisy After Shameful 'Washington Pile-On'

Joe Biden became the latest presidential contender to demand that AG Barr resign following a 5-hour-plus hearing on Wednesday where Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee howled, mostly without evidence, that Barr was improperly trying to cover for President Trump, that he had deliberately watered down Mueller's findings and that he was, in effect, acting as a mole within the DOJ feeding information on the 14 ongoing investigations to the White House.


Given his treatment at the hands of the Senate, it's hardly a surprise that Barr declined to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, which is stocked with even more bloodthirsty Democrats who will all need to defend their seats in 18 months time. And while Democrats will inevitably portray this as Barr shirking responsibility, as WSJ points out in an editorial published in Thursday's paper, Barr's treatment at the hands of the Judiciary's Democrats was nothing short of reprehensible - and the coordinated 'leak' of the Mueller letter on the eve of the hearing was a blatant attempt to discredit an Attorney General who had done nothing wrong.

As WSJ explains, Mueller's complaint that Barr's summary of the 448-page report's findings "lacked context" was likely an exercise in ass-covering. How could Barr be expected to distill the full sweep and scope of such a lengthy report's findings in just four pages. In the same letter, Mueller affirmed that Barr's summary  was accurate  - and, more tellingly, that he had been moved to write the letter following "public confusion" about his findings (i.e. Republicans' trumpeting of 'no collusion, no obstruction', which probably angered Mueller's many fanboys and fangirls in the #resistance).

As Lindsey Graham interjected following Marie Hirono's bombastic questioning, where she effectively labeled Barr a liar and a  traitor, the AG has been subjected to vicious slander at the hands of the Democrats simply for doing his job honestly and properly.

And the calls for his resignation are merely the cherry on top.

If Barr's actions should be contrasted with anyone's, the most fitting example would be former AG Loretta Lynch. Lynch "cowered" before James Comey and bowed to partisan interests by refusing to make a prosecutorial judgment after the Clinton investigation.

Did the Democrats demand that she resign?

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