Unplugged Tesla Model S Ignites While Parked In Garage In San Francisco

As more and more Teslas are delivered and sold, more and more of them appear to be bursting into flames completely unprovoked. In the latest incident, a Tesla caught fire in a San Francisco garage last night, prompting an investigation from authorities, according to KRON 4

The San Francisco Fire Department responded to a reported car fire just after midnight at a home on the 1300 block of 26th Avenue near Irving Street. The crews saw "smoke near the rear right tire of a Tesla Model S" that was not plugged in at the time and put out the fire.

The Tesla was then towed from the garage by the fire department. There were no reported injuries - this time. This incident is the second such incident of a Tesla reportedly catching fire after smoke started to emanate from beneath the car in as many weeks. 

Just two weeks ago we were first to report on stunning video that surfaced of a Tesla catching fire and exploding, while parked, in China. Similar to the event in San Francisco, smoke can be seen billowing out from underneath the vehicle before it burst into flames.


It did not appear that anyone was in the vehicle at the time of the explosion in China. Tesla has since said they were investigating the incident in China. 

Given this latest incident, the throbbing question remains: how long with regulators allow these cars to continue bursting into flames on their own? How long will they allow this game of Russian roulette continue? And unfortunately, we also have to ask: the next time a car catches fire on its own, will there be passengers in it?

At the least, it certainly makes you think twice about whistleblower Martin Tripp's allegation that Tesla was letting defective battery cells make their way into vehicles rolling off the line. We will be updating this story as more details become available.