1 In 10 Airbnb Guests Report Discovering Hidden Cameras In Their Rentals

As we have documented in the past, Airbnb - which is hoping to become one of the next hot Silicon Valley startups to IPO later this year - has a hidden camera problem.


While the company's rules allow hosts to place cameras outdoors, in living rooms or in common areas, bathrooms and bedrooms are considered off limits. But that hasn't stopped some hosts - motivated either by perversion or an intense paranoia - from going ahead and placing cameras there anyway.

Though the company has said it's working to address the issue, one recent survey suggests that it might be more widespread than previously believed.

IPX surveyed 2,023 Americans about their views and opinions on Airbnb, and discovered that a staggering 11% of them reported having discovered undisclosed hidden cameras in their rentals.


That's a huge problem, because nearly 60% of Airbnb users say they're worried about hidden cameras.

Hopefully the company can find some way to reassure customers and investors that it has the tools for addressing this problem - or it could create huge problems down the road.