"We Must Share The Truth With The People" - Dems To Hold Live Mueller Report Reading On Thursday

Instead of finding ways to work with the White House on issues like infrastructure, Democrats have found a new way to waste taxpayer money while desperately trying to keep the Russia collusion narrative alive: Holding a live-streamed 'reading' of the redacted Mueller report  on Thursday.


Democrats insist it's not a ploy, but not everyone agrees:

All of the 448-page report, which found no evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russia while declining to make a judgment on obstruction, will be read aloud in a Capitol hearing room starting at 12 pm ET. The reading will be livestreamed, and ultimately, it will be released as an audiobook.

The reading will be led by Mary Gay Scanlon, one of the top Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, along with nearly two dozen of her colleagues.

Of course, anybody who is interested in reading the Mueller report can easily find the redacted text on the Internet. But according to a statement released by Scanlon, she said Congress has a "Constitutional duty" to share the report with the American people.

"We have a Constitutional duty to share that truth with the American people," Scanlon said in a release, adding the report’s conclusions could not be adequately "summarized in a tweet."

The reading comes as House Dems on the Judiciary Committee and elsewhere are locked in a battle with the White House over forcing the DoJ to comply with subpoenas (ordering them to hand over the unredacted report and its underlying evidence and orders to hold AG William Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn in contempt) related to the Mueller probe and President Trump's finances (bank records, his tax returns).

Though the Dems say they want to share the report with the American people, we'd be willing to bet that there are dozens of House Dems who will tune in and finally absorb the report in full for the first time.