Two More US Warships Travel To Persian Gulf As Tensions With Iran Escalate

In the latest provocation against Tehran by the US, two Navy destroyers have entered the Persian Gulf as the American military continues to add to its assets in the region to head off any planned 'aggression', USNI reports.

The USS McFaul and USS Gonzalez traveled through the Strait of Hormuz Thursday afternoon without being challenged by IRGC forces in the are. They join the USS Abraham Lincoln, which is stationed in the Gulf of Oman, as well as a strike force that includes several B-52 bombers, as the US continues to build up its military presence in the region. Another Aircraft Carrier, the USS Kearsarge, is anchored off the coast of the UAE. 


According to USNI, if the US wanted to attack Iran from the water, its ships would be better off outside of the Persian Gulf, where it would be more difficult for Iranian missiles to reach them, and where they would be outside of Iran's "domain awareness."

The move comes after the US government has continued to warn about heightened threats from Iran. These fears have already prompted the evacuation of non-essential embassy personnel from the Baghdad embassy and the Erbil consulate.

Secret satellite photos of Iranian missiles on a small boat in the Gulf have helped ratchet up tensions, and the US has threatened to attack Iran if the regime starts stockpiling enriched uranium and heavy water again, as it has warned it would abandon the Iran deal if its European partners don't make good on promises to buy Iranian oil and other financial considerations. CENTCOM has maintained that Iran is a 'growing threat' in the region.

An investigation into the source of attacks on two Saudi tankers that Iran is suspected of having orchestrated.