Trump To Formally Launch Reelection Campaign Next Month: Axios

President Trump never really stopped campaigning. His MAGA rallies regularly dominate news cycles and rattle markets.


But with a $30 million campaign war chest already at his disposal, and the Democratic primary already well underway, the president is preparing to formally launch his reelection campaign, which Axios reports will begin next month with a flurry of swing-state rallies.

And it's looking increasingly likely that the official kick off will be June 16, four years to the day that he launched his bid for the Republican nomination, which became one of the most memorable campaigns in American political history. Though since that day is also Father's Day, Trump might position the launch in the days before or after June 16.

Trump's campaign approach, according to Axios, is to 'dominate the news so the national discussion hovers on his turf' exactly what he did last time. But in 2020, with so many candidates vying for attention on the Democratic side, Trump will ensure that challengers get as little oxygen as possible early in the race.

We already know that Trump has picked Brad Parscale to be his 2020 campaign manager, which suggests Trump will build a reliable machine this time around, rather than the shoestring operation that evolved as Trump started winning primaries.