Not A Square To Spare: Tesla Cost Cuts Wipe Toilet Paper From Some Facilities

If you're a Tesla employee - enough coddling, the comfort gravy train is now officially over. The time to live like savages is upon you. 

Tesla, which is a $35 billion company (on paper), is now refusing to provide toilet paper for its employees at some locations. After Elon Musk’s email days ago about "hardcore" cost cutting, and the company literally pulling every lever that it possibly can to try and cut costs, electrek is now reporting that the result is some employees not being provided with toilet paper. Sounds like a very futuristic place to work, perhaps they should consider the name "Beyond Toilet Paper". 

Regardless, in an email to employees last week, Elon Musk had said that he was implementing a new cost cutting initiative that required the company's CFO to review and sign every page of outgoing payments, while Musk himself reviewed every 10th page.

Given that Tesla has implemented so many cost cutting strategies in the past, it was easy for us to wonder: what’s left to cut?

That answer is apparently toilet paper. Sources familiar with the matter said that teams at several Tesla facilities are not only skipping ordering office supplies, they’re also skipping on ordering toilet paper. This is forcing some employees to bring toilet paper from home in an effort to help Tesla reduce its overhead.

In the past, Tesla had also relied on car washes and businesses to detail and prepare vehicles, but now it’s being reported that employees are actually taking vehicles home and cleaning them on their own time to save money. We’re sure this is a viable plan that can continue in perpetuity.

Twitter seemed to enjoy the news:

In addition, Tesla is also cutting down stipends that it gives its employees for cell phone plans and implementing other "traditional" cost reduction methods. The report claims that every expense not believed to be "essential" for the sale and delivery of vehicles is being reviewed and possibly frozen. We’re sure that vendors are going to love this.

Tesla has still not updated its guidance for the coming quarter and instead confirmed a leaked (and interestingly worded) email making its rounds yesterday that stated the company would produce record numbers in Q2.