Obama Bags $600,000 Payday For Single Speech In Colombia

Former President Barack Obama was paid nearly $600,000 to speak at a Tuesday marketing conference in Bogota, Colombia, according to Colombian news outlet El Tiempo. For those keeping track, that's $100,000 more than Bill Clinton made for a single speech in Moscow (during a 2010 trip where he hung out with Vladimir Putin at his house). 

According to the report, Obama earned "2 billion Colombian pesos," or $591,000 USD speaking at the EXMA conference, held Monday and Tuesday. Conference attendees could also snap a photo with the former president for just 11 million Colombian pesos, or around $3,200

And according to the Bogotá Post - Obama's talk, "A conversation with President Barack Obama," was focused on influential growth strategies. "It will be a talk about business that is based on the positive influence Obama puts out. We have to take advantage of this to build de country, entrepreneurship and innovation," said the organizers, who added that Obama will "set the condition that he won't talk about current politics."