Pelosi Slams Facebook As 'Willing Enablers' Of Kremlin For Refusing To Delete 'Drunk' Video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed on Wednesday that Facebook's refusal to remove an altered video of her proves that company was actively contributing to Kremlin interference in the 2016 US election

Facebook announced this week its refusal to remove a video of Pelosi which was intentionally slowed down to make her sound drunk. 

Facebook told CNN that they wouldn't remove the manipulated video because they don't have a policy that content must be accurate. Facebook did, however, downgrade the video's status - slowing it's spread after fact-check partner LeadStories published an opinion. 

Of note, this is a completely different video than the edited montage of Pelosi stammering her way through a news conference which President Trump tweeted last Friday. 

In comments to KQED News, Pelosi slammed Facebook for refusing to remove the 'drunk' video of her. 

"We have said all along, poor Facebook, they were unwittingly exploited by the Russians. I think wittingly, because right now they are putting up something that they know is false. I think it's wrong," she said. "I can take it ... But [Facebook is] lying to the public," said Pelosi, adding "I think they have proven — by not taking down something they know is false — that they were willing enablers of the Russian interference in our election."

Who knew President Trump and Mark Zuckerberg were Kremlin agents!