Kim Jong-Un Executes Four Officials Over Failed Trump Summit

North Korea's president Kim Jong Un reportedly executed several top officials in March after they failed to reach an agreement with President Trump during a second summit between the two leaders, Bloomberg reports, citing South Korean newspaper Chosun. The officials were reportedly killed by a firing squad in Pyongyang, according to the Mirror

North Korea's special envoy to the U.S., Kim Hyok Chol, was executed along with four additional foreign ministry officials involved in the Hanoi, Vietnam, summit.

Chol had been in charge of working-level negotiations for the attempted Hanoi summit in February and had been negotiating with U.S. special representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun. 

Kim Yong Chol during happier times

Kim Yong Chol, one of Kim Jong Un's top deputies, was sentenced to hard labor. Chol was best known as being the official who delivered the "big beautiful letter" to President Trump. 

Kim Sung-hye, another negotiator at the talks and Shin Hye-yong, who worked as an interpreter in Hanoi, were also sent to political prison camps. Hye-yong is accused of "undermining the authority of North Korea's leader" by making a mistake while translating.

Kim Jong Un also reportedly told his sister Kim Yo Jong, who also participated in the summit, "to keep a low profile".