Elizabeth Warren Goes On Breakfast Club; Gets Slammed As "Original Rachel Dolezal"

Elizabeth Warren's appearance on popular New York radio show "The Breakfast Club" probably didn't go as she expected, after the hosts slammed her for lying about being a Native American

Adopting an accent we've never heard before, Warren retreated to her talking points, namely that she was told by "muh mama and muh daddy' that she was a genuine Indian. She then tried to segue - pandering to the audience over what she plans to do for the black community. 

Host 'Charlamagne tha God' didn't let it go, however, asking if Warren's fake Indian routine benefitted her at all, to which Warren replied: "Boston Globe did a full investigation. It never affected nothin' about my family, it never affected any job I ever got." (Fake Native American Adopts Fake Accent, News At 11)

"Kinda like the original Rachel Dolezal" shot back Charlamagne, referring to the former NAACP Chapter President for Spokane Washington, who instigated a public uproar when she was exposed for claiming to be African-American, even though she was born to two white parents.