'White Helmets', Gas Attacks, & Evil Russians: Is The New "Call Of Duty" Video Game Pure CIA Propaganda?

Via SouthFront.org

The newest 2019 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare features missions involving the pro-al-Qaeda “humanitarian organization” White Helmets and a “Bana al-Abed-esque” girl killing “bad Russians.”

The following is a description of the second mission in which a flashback shows how two children become “rebel fighters” on the side of the US, after Russian soldiers raided their house.

"White Helmets" as seen in-game. 

Below is a lengthy extract of Charlie Intel’s overview of the campaign:

* * *

"The scene starts off with a big explosion in a country in the Middle East. After the explosion occurs, we are taken into the perspective of a female child who is stuck under all of the rubble caused by the explosion. The explosion was a drone strike (by I believe Russia). She is panicking and yelling for help. Another girl is stuck next to her but unresponsive. She tries to push around the fallen rocks and cement slabs off of her, but she is too small. We then hear someone come from above them and remove the rubble to see the girl stuck in there. Frantically, many more people come to remove the remaining rubble (even using a saw at one point). Once it’s removed, they pull the girl out, and she goes to her father’s hand, who starts asking where is her brother. The other girl with her in the rubble does not appear to survive. Now, another airstrike drops on the location."

"The father picks up the girl and they both start running to find where her brother is. The sister says the brother stayed at home to study, so he wasn’t with her. They have to get back home to find the brother, but during the run back, Russian soldiers come in on vehicles, jump out of the vehicles, and just start shooting everyone — you can hear women, children screaming not to be shot; men and women yelling in pain. The father puts the kid down and tells her to follow behind him. As they start running and getting closer to their house, the Russian soldiers throw some sort of nerve/lethal gas. They bust inside their house, shut the door, and find the brother. They converse about what they must to do next (and the girl/boy are given cell phones). The father reveals that their mother has been killed. The father hands the boy a gas mask, tells him that the daughter will be okay without a mask right now, and prepare to leave."

"A Russian soldier is ordered to check door to door and comes into their house before they can leave. The father pleads with him not to shoot because there are children in the house. The father then lunges towards the attacker to take the weapon away and stab him. The little boy tries to help the father take down the attacker, but the attacker throws the boy into the door, knocking him out. The Russian soldier is a lot stronger and shoots the father numerous times — in front of the daughter. The daughter runs for her cover. The soldier starts to search for her around the house, and she starts to run into vents. This begins a little cat and mouse style chase. She picks up a screwdriver, runs at him, stabs him in the leg. He yells. The girl runs again, back for cover as the attacker is not subdued. They go around in this cat and mouse style chase for two more times with the girl stabbing him repeatedly in the legs with a screwdriver, and then, the brother wakes up. The action movies to the kitchen of the house, where a fight ensues again. The daughter stabs this attacker, alongside the brother trying to choke him out. As the man is brought down, the daughter finally gets a hold of the AK of the attacker and shoots him numerous times. The brother and sister converse about what they need to do, and the girl takes off the attacker’s gas mask to use for herself.”

* * *

Following that, the father passes away and the two children with gas masks sneak around on the streets, while Russian soldiers are laughing and killing civilians.

At the end of the mission, they reach an impasse and they need to pass, with the boy coughing, so it is all in the girl’s hands.

“They come up on another area not too far where they see a truck they need to take in order to get out. Since the boy is coughing, the girl says she will grab a gun and kill them both but needs a distraction. The boy walks to the other side of this fence, while the girl starts to slowly go closer. She sees a gun on the table, a .44 Magnum, and needs a distraction to get it. She pulls out her phone and calls her brother’s phone, which leads the two Russian soldiers to investigate that ringing. The girl runs over and grabs the weapon, and starts to make her way into a position to shoot the Russian soldiers. She pulls up the gun, shaking a lot, and points it at the head of the attacker. We hear a *bang* and the screen goes black.”

It can’t even be said that this sort of propaganda is taking it too far, since it is part of the norm nowadays.

In 2017, Caitlin Johnstone directly pointed at the problem, saying that the “Bana al-Abed” psychological propaganda operation proved how the West was “Saturated in War Propaganda.”

“The reason for all of this, of course, is that US hegemony is fully dependent on its massive military power. Since the heavily-armed American people would grow upset if they were told that the oligarchs who rule their country are spending an unfathomable amount of the nation’s money and resources trying to depose Bashar al-Assad because Syria occupies a crucial strategic location in US world dominance (risking a direct confrontation with the nuclear-armed Russia in the process), they make it about saving children instead.”

In some cases, modern video games, movies and even comic books are infested by war propaganda even more than news pieces released by CNN and similar media outlets.

Only recently, DC Comics came out with a series incorporating “the Russians’ puppet” Assad that “gassed” multiple civilians.

So, American youth are already “informed” who are the “good guys” in Syria, even if there have been no conclusive evidence to blame Assad for the Douma chemical attack and these “good guys” have appeared to be a rebranded branch of al-Qaeda.

This situation is a demonstration of how little propaganda capabilities Syria, Venezuela, China, Iran or Russia possess in comparison with their Western rivals.

In most cases, the US and the EU use bogeyman stories about the mighty Russian, Chinese, Iranian and even Syrian propagandists as a formal justification to tighten censorship and increase own propaganda efforts.