Tesla Model X "Melts Away" On Its Own

Yet another Tesla appears to have caught fire and "melted away" on its own, according to Belgian news website HLN. This time, it was a Model X owned by the wealthy Dutch businessmen Salar and Sasan Azimi. The original report, which appeared in the Belgian HLN, includes video that appears to show the inside dashboard of a Model X that has been fully melted away. It appears "the expensive 'Model X' is not completely safe," the article says.

Model X dashboard touch screen
Passenger's side dashboard

In a article translated from HLN, one of the brothers says: "We paid 150,000 euros for that car a year and a half ago. We were then one of the first Dutchmen to drive such a car. It is quite remarkable that our car was not even turned on  when it started to smolder. I think this is the first time worldwide that a 'Model X' has started to melt on its own."

He then described the incident: “The general manager of Patro Eisden (the club where Azimi is chairman, ed.) had borrowed the car from me for a moment. When he wanted to drive to me last night, the doors didn't open. A moment later there was a burning smell. The fire brigade arrived on site and placed the Tesla in a water bath. It is a total loss."

As we noted just days ago, another Tesla that caught fire while charging in Belgium was also placed into a water bath to prevent it from reigniting after it caught fire. That incident was the latest in a recent spike of Teslas spontaneously and inexplicably combusting. 

Despite the incident, the wealthy brothers didn't seem phased: "Well, we have a Lamborghini Urus, a Lamborghini Avetador, a Ferrari F12 and a few Mercedes in the garage, among other things. Enough cars to move us."

But hey guys, congrats on being the first Dutchmen to drive a Model X.