Farage Meets Trump After BoJo Snub, Says He "Believes In Brexit"

Though President Trump wasn't able to meet with the "very talent" Boris Johnson on Tuesday (Johnson turned down the offer of a meeting in what some described as a snub, saying he had leadership campaign events to attend), the leader of the free world did have an opportunity to meet with another British 'friend' - Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Ahead of the trip, Trump heaped praise on Farage, recommending that, whoever wins the Tory leadership contest should appoint Farage to lead the next round of Brexit talks with Brussels.


During their meeting Tuesday at Winfield House, the US ambassador's residence in London, the two discussed what has become Trump's favorite topic during his visit to the UK: The prospect for a "tremendous" trade deal between the US and UK once the latter throws off the "shackles" of EU membership, which Trump said could double, or even triple, trade between the two countries.

Earlier, Trump said "everything" would be on the table during trade talks with the UK, including the National Health Service.

Farage said during a post-meeting debriefing on LBC that he had a "good" meeting with Trump, and that he was surprised by how prepared Trump was to talk trade.

"The Americans are very, very prepared for their side in the trade negotiations," Farage said. The Brexit Party leader, whose nascent party won a plurality of the vote during last month's EU Parliamentary elections, added that Trump "is very interested as to who the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister is," Farage said. Trump "absolutely believes in Brexit," Farage said, and "thinks it's the right thing for the country to do."

Watch the full interview below: