The Most 'Believed' "Conspiracy Theories" In America

Believers in conspiracy theories are usually written off immediately as weirdos and idiots, but as a new survey by YouGov for Statista reveals, in some cases, these are actually widely-held beliefs and far from the bizarre, fringe opinion that you might have come to expect.

Infographic: Belief in Conspiracy Theories in the United States | Statista

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According to the survey, one of the most commonly believed conspiracy theories among U.S. adults is that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of JFK - 47 percent believe either strongly or somewhat that there was in fact another shooter behind the grassy knoll. President Trump's oft-touted theory of the "deep state" has also to a fair degree made it into common discourse, with 29 percent believing it to some extent.

Meanwhile, what might be considered as the 'mother of all conspiracy theories' - that the 1969 moon landing was faked - seems to have fallen out of favour, with only 11 percent getting behind the idea 50 years on.