Walmart Launches In-Home Grocery Delivery Service; Will Stock Fridge When You're Not Home

Walmart has entered the grocery delivery business, offering to have an employee drive fresh groceries to your house and put them in your refrigerator when you're not home, according to Fox5 NY

The nation's largest grocer said Friday that it will be offering the service this fall for more than one million customers in three cities: Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vero Beach, Florida. Later this year, the service, called InHome Delivery, will also accept returns for items purchased on -Fox5 NY

Customers can place a grocery delivery order online, then select InHome Delivery along with their preferred date and time at checkout. Walmart workers will then use smart entry technology and a proprietary wearable camera to go inside the customer's home to put the groceries away

Shoppers will be allowed to control home access and watch the delivery remotely. Walmart employees will undergo extensive training which would prepare them for things such as grocery selection, refrigerator organization. 

The company tested a similar service two years ago in the Silicon Valley, teaming up with delivery startup Deliv and August Home - makers of smart locks and smart home accessories. 

"Now, we can serve customers not in just the last mile, but in the last 15 feet," wrote Walmart e-commerce division CEO, Marc Lore, in a corporate blog post. 

Amazon offers a similar service in certain cities to drop off packages inside homes, garages or car trunks, however the service is not for groceries. 

With Amazon's service, customers need to be an Amazon Prime member and they have to buy a camera and a Wi-Fi-connected lock from the Seattle-based company that starts at $250. Shoppers will then be able to select in-home delivery on the Amazon app. When the delivery person shows up, he or she will knock first and scan the package, then Amazon will make sure the delivery person is at the right home and unlock the door. No codes are needed and the indoor camera will record the in-home delivery. -Fox5 NY

Perhaps the most significant ramification of Walmart's new service will be a sharp dropoff in 'people of Walmart' submissions, as morbidly obese shoppers will no longer have to leave the couch.