Bill Maher Slams Social Justice Warriors: "They're Only Interested In Clicks, Not Justice"

On his Friday episode of "Real Time", HBO's liberal host Bill Maher took a shot at "social justice warriors", arguing that many of them were not motivated by social change, but rather by a need to increase their audience on social media. 

"Sometimes they go too far," Maher said, leading his guests into a debate about the movie "Black Panther" and why he felt it couldn't be criticized. 

Maher said: “Here’s what’s wrong with social justice warriors: They’re not interested in justice. They’re interested in clicks. They’re interested in getting clicks. Oh please, you don’t think so?”

Naturally, New York Times columnist Charles Blow pushed back on Maher, defending social justice warriors and claiming they had genuine interests in improving society. 

Maher then continued, criticizing Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green for stating that NBA owners shouldn't be called "owners" anymore. "But, people own things..." Maher argues exasperatedly. 

(Video via Breitbart)