Facebook Has Banned The Word "Honk", Claiming It's A Violation Of Their Community Standards

Bad news today for those who love to chat on Facebook about cars, especially when you need to <censored> your horn.

Even worse news for those country music fans who can't get enough Blank-y tonk music. And if you're an old school WWF fan, you may no longer be able to reference your favorite wrestler, the Blank-y Tonk Man. 

Yes, that's right: just when you thought the censorship from social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter had hit a fever pitch, its now being reported that Facebook is removing the word "honk" from its platform. 

As we drift further into an amalgam of Idiocracy mixed with A Brave New World, the banning of the word "honk" - attributed to the "clown world" meme, a nihilistic joke that many are adopting to protest the last few years of liberal censorship - has been the next inevitable step toward total overreach by our new silicon valley overlords. 

Social media companies continue to enforce their radical left ideologies across their platforms at a frightening pace. For instance, Facebook banned Natural News over the weekend, a site that had 2.5 million followers, just hours after liberal website The Daily Beast published a negative article on its owner, Mike Adams.

And last month, Facebook banned conservative commentators like Paul Joseph Watson for unknown reasons. Its constant censorship ambitions have commentators like Watson continuing to argue that the site is "clearly operating as a publisher, not a platform, in violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and is engaging in flagrant election meddling."

The "honk" ban is the latest action in a long line of increasingly idiotic censorship lunacy. Recall,, last month we pointed out that a Chicago school had spent $54,0000 to re-print its entire yearbook because some kids had made "OK" symbols - falsely attributed to white supremacy - in some photographs.