One Dead As Helicopter Crashes On Roof Of Midtown Manhattan Building

UPDATE (1730ET): New pictures have been released of the scene of the crash.

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UPDATE (1545ET): Some reports that the helicopter was on its way for a sightseeing tour of the Statue of Liberty (however, we note that the building it crashed into is a few miles north of the statue)...

Unconfirmed reports claim this is footage of the helicopter moments before the crash...

The first few seconds show a very sudden and steep descent...

Low visibility in New York City Monday due to nearby thunderstorms may also have contributed to the crash.

The FAA reports weather caused a complete ground-stop at Newark and LaGuardia airports.

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UPDATE (1455ET): President Trump has been briefed:

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UPDATE (1423ET): FDNY confirms one fatality, presumably the pilot.

The victim’s body remains inside the mangled wreckage of the chopper, which burst into flames but was quickly extinguished by firefighters, FDNY sources said. The victim appears to be the pilot, NYPD sources said, and the FAA said preliminary information indicated that “only the pilot was aboard.”

Via NYPD, "There was a helicopter hard landing on the roof of 787 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Fire has been extinguished. Please continue to avoid the area."

The chopper is an Agusta 109E that was not being handled by air traffic controllers, the FAA said. The Agusta 109E is a two-engine model that can carry two crew members and as many as seven passengers, according to the online GlobalAir aviation marketplace.

Governor Cuomo confirms there are casualties involved.

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Less than a month after a helicopter crashed into the Hudson River, NYPD reports that a helicopter has crashed into a high-rise building on 5th Avenue at 50th Street in Manhattan.

There is no landing pad on top of the building, officials said, and it was unclear why the pilot tried to land there.

Traffic is being diverted...

The building appears to be on fire...

The location is an extremely busy area of midtown Manhattan.

Zach Escalante, a computer programmer who works on the third floor, said, “We felt the building move.”

“It felt like something hit or impacted the building,” he said.

The building is being evacuated.

Very heavy NYFD and NYPD presence.

Gov Cuomo is on the scene...