NYC Mayor De Blasio Gets Zero Votes In Major Iowa Presidential Poll

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 10, 2019 - 8:35

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio's was one of two candidates who received a total of zero votes in a major new Iowa Presidential poll, according to NBC.

600 registered voters who are likely to participate in the 2020 Democratic caucuses responded to a Des Moines Register/Mediacom/CNN Iowa Poll about who their first and second choices for President were. 

0% of those polled chose Bill de Blasio for either choice.

24% of voters picked Joe Biden as their first choice, 16% picked Bernie Sanders, 15% chose Elizabeth Warren, 14% chose Pete Buttigieg and 7% chose Kamala Harris. 

In fact, "all of the remaining candidates were listed as a first choice by at least one respondent" except de Blasio. 

de Blasio's message for his Presidential ambitions has been based around confronting President Trump and fighting for working people. Given the job de Blasio has done in New York City, with hate crimes in the city spiking 83%, and the surprising expectation across the aisle that President Trump will win again in 2020, it's easy for us to understand why nobody seems to care that de Blasio is even in the race. 

Last month, we reported that the "campaign that nobody asked for" was finally about to begin when de Blasio was preparing his announcement to run.

After months of traveling around early caucus and primary states, eliciting a barrage of negative press characterizing his yen for higher office as a product of the same delusions of grandeur that have become a hallmark of his tenure in city hall, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his campaign for president in mid-May. It made him the 22nd Democratic contender for the 2020 nomination.

de Blasio, whose two terms as mayor have been marred by corruption scandals, soaring economic inequality, a worsening homelessness crisis and a rapidly deteriorating subway, is perhaps the least popular of all the candidates. And as we reported earlier this year, almost nobody - not his wife, not his kids, not his closest aides and employees, or any of his fellow Democrats - thinks a de Blasio 2020 campaign is a good idea.

De Blasio

Even the notoriously liberal, pro-de Blasio Daily News couldn't help but crack a few jokes about his notorious tendency to be late in a story pre-announcing his announcement from early May.

He’s late again.

Mayor de Blasio will jump into the 2020 presidential race next week, according to four people with knowledge of his plans, entering a crowded field of 21 other Democratic hopefuls and two Republicans - dead last.

The 2020 kickoff could come as early as de Blasio’s birthday on Wednesday, when he’ll turn 58, two sources said.

And not a second too soon. The last-minute announcement by the mayor - whose reputation for being late was cemented by his tardiness to a 2014 event honoring victims of American Airlines Flight 587 - has many politicos scratching their heads.

In a sign of just how low morale is in the de Blasio camp, one of the 'sources' who confirmed de Blasio's plans to the Daily News - likely a campaign insider given their proximity to the mayor - joked that de Blasio would only have a chance if "every Democratic candidate is caught sending racy selfies to minors" - a reference to the downfall of Anthony Weiner, the scandal that effectively transformed de Blasio from a dark horse into the frontrunner for the mayorship in 2014.