EU Blinks Already: In The Face Of A No-Deal Brexit, The EU Finds A Unicorn

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

In the face of increasing odds of a hard Brexit, solutions that Barnier told Theresa May cannot work, now magically do.

Mercy Me, Unicorn Found!

Please note Brussels Draws Plan for Irish Border Technology Despite Rubbishing Brexiteer’s Same Idea.

The EU is drawing up plans to use technology on the Irish border — despite rubbishing the idea when put forward by Brexiteers.

Eurocrats will deploy “IT systems” to keep trade flowing between Ireland and the EU via Britain if there’s a No Deal Brexit.

In a dossier to be presented to EU leaders next week, officials say a fix “can be implemented swiftly” and that they are in “regular contact” with authorities in Ireland, France and the Netherlands over the contingency plans.

Played for a Fool

Supposedly, technology was an impossible idea when Theresa May asked for such a solution.

The EU played Theresa May like a fool, which of course she was. There was just one little problem: The UK parliament refused to go along.

Now, in the face of No Deal, the "EU is ready to Support the Irish" with technology that supposedly could not work.

Brazen Liars

The EU is nothing but a brazen pack of liars. And Theresa May was in bed with the lot of them.

I cannot emphasize that point enough: Let's Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK)

Please click for a shocking (if you have not seen it yet) video.

The comeuppance and arrogance of the EU towards the UK is staggering. And it's all captured on film by Lode Desmet, a Belgian filmmaker.

  1. The EU bragged about crushing Theresa May: "We Got More Than We Hoped"

  2. The EU admitted Theresa May wanted a customs union all along.

  3. Michel Barnier spoke on film of "using Ireland for future negotiations. Isolating Ireland and not closing this point, leaving it open for the next two or three years."

  4. Barnier used the words "permanent pressure" in regards to the backstop.

  5. The EU bragged about "getting rid of the UK on EU terms" and turning the UK into a "colony"

If after playing my video, or the full length 58 minute version, Behind Closed Brexit Doors Part II, you still favor a customs union, your desire must be like Jeremy Corbyn's: to turn the UK into a vassal or colony of the EU.

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