"I Will Bury You!": Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Warns-Off US Government "Pursuers"

A Bitcoin millionaire, who is currently on the run from the United States government for refusing to be stolen from, has warned the government to leave him alone.

As SHTFplan.com's Mac Slavo details, infamous Bitcoin bull, John McAfee taunted the U.S. government on Twitter warning them to leave him alone or he will “f***ing bury” them.

As mainstream media paints him as a “fugitive” for the “crime” of wanting to keep the money he earned, the Bitcoin bull isn’t giving up on his rights to the fruits of his labor or his bold fight for liberty. After all, taxation set up the American Revolution.

In his Twitter rant, McAfee claimed that the Department of Justice is compiling a bogus case against him for money-laundering, racketeering, and murder. And we all know the DoJ is full of just outstanding people who would never ever invent a crime to try to attack a political opponent (sarcasm)...

The mainstream media is incredibly upset that McAfee hasn’t bowed to the government and paid his required theft money. Most articles out there tend to focus on the man’s simple quest for the freedom to not be stolen from. But, as we know, the media is in the back pockets of the government and cannot tell you the truth (that taxation is theft), let alone side with a rebel like McAfee.

In another Tweet, which is currently pinned to the top of McAfee’s Twitter account, he comes right out and says he is not implying the entire government is corrupt, rather, he’s pointing it out as a fact.

McAfee, the one being hunted down by the government (Edward Snowden and Julian Assange also come to mind), has done the unthinkable.  He’s shown just how disturbing taxation is and the lengths the government will go to steal your money if you “voluntarily” decide to no longer pay.  What’s with all the “freedom of choice” we have? Where are the pro-choice people to back up McAfee? His money, his choice.

McAfee specifically clarified that if he got arrested or disappeared, more than 31 terabytes of oppo research would be given to the press.

And now it's gone local too...

The real question remains: will McAfee be successful in “ruining” the U.S. government?