Meanwhile, In Russia...

Russian slapping competitions have become all the rage after the Siberian "Male Slapping Championships" went viral in March. 

But who wants to see two giant men slap each other into the next dimension when you could watch smoking hot women spanking each other's firm, supple asses instead in "The Booty Slapping Championships"? 

The rules are simple; take turns hitting your opponent's ass so hard that they're knocked off balance. 


One of the tournament's winners was fitness blogger Anastasia Zolotaya, whose Instagram page includes video demonstrations of strict workout routines, which surely help her achieve buttocks sturdy enough withstand the flogging and win her match. -RT


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Tickets to the ass-slapping event run around $6 US, while there's no word on how much the winner takes home. 

The spanking contest took place alongside another female competition in which women (which we presume are also smoking hot) whack each other's bare shoulders until one of them gives up.