Zuckerberg Gets Deepfaked

On the heels of Nancy Pelosi's "drunk" clip, which Facebook refused to remove (prompting accusations from the Speaker that Mark Zuckerberg is enabling the Kremlin), the Facebook CEO himself has apparently been hit with his own fake video.

In an instagram post with almost 3,000 views (more we suspect any minute), a fake video of Zuckerberg created using "deepfake" technology proclaims the following chilling statement:

"Imagine this for a second..."

"One man with total control of billions of people's stolen data. All their secrets, their lives, their futures. I owe it all to Spectre."

"Spectre showed me that whoever controls the data, controls the future."

The video was first spotted by Vice, was posted by an Instagram account known as @bill_posters_uk. The original, real video is from a September 2017 address Zuckerberg gave about Russian election interference on Facebook.

As Vice reports, it was created as part of an exhibit, called "Spectre," for the Sheffield Doc Fest, a documentary festival taking place in the United Kingdom.

Still, when first watching and listening, one could be forgiven for believing this was Zuck's words, after all it was him that called us all "dumb f*cks"... or was that a deepfake too?