UK Millennials 'Have Secret Cocaine Addiction And Drug Is Used Everywhere'

Researchers at Substance abuse charity, Addaction, discovered cocaine use in the UK is much higher than previously thought.

Approximately 80% of the respondents admitted using marijuana, while 70% said they use cocaine and crack cocaine.

This is the most extensive study of its kind, surveyed 8,500 drug users in Scotland through social media polls. They shared their findings exclusively with Sky News, determined that cocaine is being used "everywhere" in the UK.

Seven in 10 drug users believe cocaine is their first drug of choice, only 14% of them have sought help from healthcare professionals or charities about their addiction problems.

About 90% of respondents said they're millennials (aged between 18 and 45). Another 90% said they're employed or in college.

"Cocaine is generally seen as a party drug, has a stigma attached with it, is widely used and still nobody is talking about it," said Andrew Horne, Director of Addaction, Scotland.

"Even to this day, people think that cocaine is a middle-aged dinner party, middle-class drug, but the results of the survey show it's everywhere."

The study comes as prime ministerial candidate Michael Gove was criticized for previous cocaine addiction, and Boris Johnson recently refused to deny using the drug.

Sky News noted that Author and columnist Bryony Gordon had described her addiction with cocaine: "My addiction to cocaine crept up on me while I was busy with a hectic social life. Cocaine destroys lives; it makes one inherently risky."

A millennial in his 30s, who remained anonymous in a Sky News interview said: "It's usually just a weekend thing, when I'm out with the lads, in a pub or club or festival or something like that."

And since it appears a vast majority of UK millennials are blowing lines or smoking crack, a separate report has shown small amounts of cocaine have been found in freshwater shrimp in the country.