China Unveils New Radar System To Detect US Stealth Jets  

China, the rising power, has designed a new radar system that can detect American stealth warplanes and is also immune to their "radar killer" missiles, its creator told Naval and Merchant Ships magazine, first published by Global Times.

The new radar can be deployed on vehicles, on land and warships, but its creator Liu Yongtan said this particular model would be a land-based mobile system, can detect naval and aerial hostiles from hundreds of kilometers away in any weather condition.

Liu, who is an expert in radar systems, said the new radar features "high-frequency electromagnetic waves that have long wavelengths and wide beams."

He said the long wavelength can detect stealth warplanes, which use high-tech materials to evade detection from microwave radars, but currently, there are no planes that can escape detection against high-frequency surface waves.

The Global Times said the new radar system has "immunity" from anti-radiation missiles, which track and destroy the source of the electromagnetic waves. This is because the anti-radiation missiles would need special antennas to track high-frequency surface waves, but these antennas are too large to fit inside the missiles. 

Shi Lao, a Shanghai-based military commentator, said Liu's radar system could be an effective coastal monitoring system that would be able to protect about 250 miles of coastline.

"HFSWR could work 24 hours in all weathers, which would be much cheaper than operating early warning aircraft," Shi said.

"They can be deployed relatively quickly with high mobility if they are mounted on vehicles, and may be loaded onto warships in the future."

This comes at a time when America, the status quo power, is being challenged militarily in the Eastern Hemisphere by China. In response, Washington has supplied Australia, South Korea, and Japan with stealth jets, dubbed the F-35 friends cycle.

Beijing would most likely deploy this new radar system across the militarized islands in the South China Sea.

State broadcaster CCTV had recently reported that China had already installed the new radar in Weihai, on the country's east coast in Shandong province.

Upgrading the China maritime early warning defense system to detect stealth warplanes is happening as Washington and Beijing duke it out in an economic war that could one day lead to a shooting war in the South China Sea.