Harvard Rescinds Admission For Conservative Parkland Survivor Who Used N-Word

Harvard has rescinded the admission of conservative Parkland shooting survivor, Kyle Kashuv, weeks after he apologized for racial slurs made several years ago in high school in a Google Doc and text messages.

One screenshot claims to show Kashuv writing the n-word more than a dozen times in a shared study guide on Google Docs.

"like im really good at typing n---er ok like practice uhhhhhh makes perfect son??!!" Kashuv allegedly wrote in a portion of the document.

In another part of the Google Doc, Kashuv allegedly wrote the same slur repeatedly, in capital letters. Kashuv also allegedly referred to black student athletes as “n---erjocks” in one text message. -Daily Beast

Harvard's decision comes after Kashuv says he gave up "huge scholarships" to go to the university, and that "the deadline for accepting other college offers has ended." Hours before the racial screenshots came to light, Kashuv announced that he was parting ways with pro-Trump group Turning Point USA. 

Of note, Kashuv was ranked #1 in his class and had a SAT score of 1550 out of 1600. Meanwhile, liberal Parkland survivor David Hogg was also accepted to Harvard despite a 1270 SAT score and getting rejected from UCLA

In a Monday Twitter thread, Kashuv claims that "former peers & political opponents began contacting Harvard," urging the school to cancel his acceptance. He was given 72 hours to explain himself, and was given the axe anyway despite a "letter with a full explanation, apology, and requested documents," as well as an email to Harvard's Office of Diversity and Inclusion seeking guidance. 

Kashuv then noted that Harvard's faculty included "slave owners, segregationists, bigots and antisemites," and that if the university is suggesting that "growth isn't possible and that our past defines our future, then Harvard is an inherently racist institution."