Merkel Misfires; Shakes Violently At Ukraine Ceremony, Reboots By Drinking Water

German Chancellor Angela Merkel began violently shaking on Tuesday while standing next to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a ceremony in Berlin. It was 82 °F outside at the time. 

The two leaders were standing outside the chancellery while a band played the national anthems of each country when Merkel began shaking uncontrollably on film - the second German Leader to do so in at least 75 years

Different angle:

Merkel was able to avoid pulling a Hillary and walked off with Zelensky - later telling the press that she was simply dehydrated

"Since then I have drunk at least three glasses of water – I obviously needed that and so I'm doing very well now," said the 64-year-old. 

Of note, uncontrolled tremors can be caused by several things - including medications, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, Parkinson's disease or prion diseases such as Kuru. It is unknown whether any of these apply to Merkel. 

In 2014, the German leader postponed a TV interview at the last minute due to 'weakness,' only to carry it out later after eating and drinking according to the Washington Post