Amtrak Riders Report Mass Train Delays Across Northeast; Power Outage Blamed

On a day when commuters traveling down the Acela corridor might be headed for a few key events (the FOMC decision release at 2 pm and ensuing 2:30 pm ET press conference probably being the most important), Amtrak overhead power-line issues have prompted the suspension of train services from NJ Transit's Northeast Corridor, North Jersey Coast Line and Midtown Direct in both directions, as well as trains between NYC and Northern Philly.

For those riding the Midtown Direct route, which is popular among commuters traveling from Jersey into NYC, trains are being diverted to Hoboken.

Commuters from Philly, to NYC, to Trenton took to social media to lament being trapped on trains with now power and AC.

Some passengers have already been trapped in the middle of nowhere for roughly an hour already.

The outages were impacting trains as far away as Boston.

One commuter recounted the dire circumstances on her train, where food, water and usable bathrooms were all in short supply.

On the trains suspended in the underwater tunnels connecting NYC with Jersey, one twitter user complained that one passenger passed out and one child had a full-on panic attack.


Word on Twitter is that some trains have finally started to move after being stuck for more than an hour.