"He Will Get Subpoenaed": Congressman Assures 'Triggered' Joe Scarborough That Mueller Will Testify

"It's going to happen. He will get subpoenaed."

Those were the words of Rep. Jim Himes just one day after House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff warned that "time is running out" to get Robert Mueller on the hill to testify, according to Mediaite

He made them on an episode of Morning Joe where host Joe Scarborough spent a majority of the show screaming and raving about what an "outrage" it was that Mueller had not yet testified, despite Mueller having previously said "my testimony is in the report". 

Scarborough screamed at Himes during the interview: 

“I want to know why Robert Mueller thinks he’s above coming to Capitol Hill and testifying for Americans? It’s outrageous! I want to know something else, Jim. Why don’t you subpoena him? This is absolutely ridiculous.”

In return, Himes said: 

“Two things to say: Number one, it’s going to happen. He will get subpoenaed. Look, we have a profound interest inside the intelligence committee in hearing about something we have not heard about nearly enough.”

Himes continued:

“The other thing which you’re talking about so animatedly is getting Bob Mueller, for all of the reasons you state, getting Bob Mueller simply to say what he said in the report, which by the way he said he would do. He said my testimony is in that report. But as you pointed out, not an awful lot of people got through the 500 pages. There is a virtue on that. You’re being pretty tough on Bob Mueller here. I do not blame him for not wanting to join the partisan fray. But you know this man. He’s a patriot. Will he do what he’s asked to do.”

As Scarborough continued to rant, Himes, a Democrat, concluded: “Take the coffee cup away from Joe.”